Anna is a runner.  A marathon runner.  A phenominal marathon runner.  What most endurance athletes don’t realize is that high intensity functional excercise, aka CrossFit, can make you a better endurance athlete.  Being a driven athlete, Anna was willing to give it a shot.  Since she has been CrossFitting with us she has continuously gotten stronger and faster even in her running.  We can’t wait for your next marathon Anna!

I have been an avid runner for a couple of years now.  So much so, that in April I ran my first marathon.  I had a decent time, but I wanted to find something that really challenged me, and I knew I was very weak in my upper body.  In May I found Crossfit thanks to Sam’s mom.  About 2 weeks after that I started the paleo challenge, so it is hard to say exactly where my improvements came from.  What I can say is that I feel great.  Whenever I choose to cheat, my stomach pays the price.  I feel like I have terrible indigestion.  My 10k time has improved by about 5 minutes.  Lastly, my upper body has gotten so much stronger.  When I started I could only deadlift 123 pounds, but now I can lift 173 pounds and in better form than the 123 was in.  To my great satisfaction, I can now do pull-ups.  I have tried all my teenage years and have never been able to.  Now within the time span of 3 months I can finally do them. I have never had any known allergies, so I have not seen anything like that go away, but it is still obvious to me that I feel better when I eat paleo.  I feel full longer, have more energy, and never have any stomachaches or headaches.  This past weekend I cheated and I got both of those maladies within the afternoon.  This is definitely not a short-term change for me.  Granted I might cheat sometimes and I will probably experiment with eating things like oatmeal and lentils.  With my body being cleansed now, I will be able to tell if something doesn’t sit well with me and I can get rid of it again.  This was what I needed to get back on track after totally throwing my diet out the door after my marathon.  It came at a perfect time for me and will hopefully stick with me for life.    




Congrats to Steve M. on his first muscle up!  And to everyone in the 9AM-12PM classes, including all first timers, for making their way up the rope.  Great job!


100 Double Unders for time

3 timed rope ascents



Power Cleans (135/95)


Push Ups


Knees to Elbows