Anniversary Party


Party animals, days of yore.

Party animals, days of yore.

Oi. Workout and party. 4PM and 6PM.  At CrossFit West Santa Cruz and then the Parish Publick House in the Almar shopping center. By the way, all Zone and Paleo diets and the like are off for the party (and that means you Kyle).  

I have been toying with various WODs for the group workout.  Here are some contenders:

The Chief


CrossFit Total

Fight Gone Bad

Tabata This

My own invention (as in Sam’s own programming, not the name of a WOD)

Please post your WOD recommendation (it does not have to be one of the above WODs) to Comments.


10 Rounds

100m Row Sprint

2 Clean and Jerks 185/125#

Scale up or down as needed.

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.