We have CrossFit Media coming to West for an update show tomorrow night! What this means is, dress in your finest CrossFit West Swag! What they film will have the potential to go online for billions of people to see!



After your workout go to Ty’s Eatery for an awesome fundraiser!

Ty’s Eatery Give-Back Dinner Tomorrow from 5-9pm at 1001 center st!  Bring a gift for a child 0-17 and receive a raffle ticket to win local donated items. Big props to Santa Cruz Local Businesses who donated to this event. To many to list here. Dinner is $10 adults/ $5 kids. All proceeds go to Walnut Avenue Woman’s Center here in town. 2 raffles 6&7pm. Live music, Santa Claus, and Ginger bread decorating for kids! It’s going to be a great community event. Hope to see you there!