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PRs! ERad with 133# and Beto with 205#. Both squats were well below parallel, the sport function on my camera just didn't capture it.

Q.  You’ve been eating Paleo for 9 months now.  Don’t you miss eating normal food?  Do you ever just want to cheat or go back to eating the old way?

A-Yes, sometimes I miss some foods.  No doubt about it.  Sometimes I do cheat.  I usually love the cheat.  But when it is over, after I have eaten cheesecake or flourless chocolate cake or French fries, I know I get to go back to my new normal foods.  It is the new normal that is so vital to feeling well, having enough energy, and feeling satisfied.  This new normal is part of who I am and what I like eating, how I like feeling.  If I eat poorly a couple days in a row, my sister might out lift me!!  Or more importantly, I might slowly go back to being tired, feeling not quite so great, and eventually my old normal returns, the old normal that I don’t want back.

We all hear it again and again that people are feeling great while eating paleo.  If you have tried it, you know this to be true.  Yet we all cheat.  How do you keep that cheating from becoming a return to the old way of eating and feeling?  Now your experience might vary, but here are a few things to consider:

First, I think it is very important to go completely paleo when you start, especially if you have never done anything quite like this before.  You need to give yourself several weeks to adjust to the changes, and you have to have time to mentally absorb the difference that eating paleo makes for you personally.  If you keep cheating on little things every few days, you won’t have the change to truly know what you could feel like without the grains, dairy, sugar, and processed food.  I highly suggest reading this article to get you motivated to make the commitment.  Melissa Urban says it a lot better than I can.

Secondly, keep some type of journal if cheating is an issue for you.  Honestly track what you are eating, when you are eating and if you have any responses to what you eat.  Logging food is a bummer.  I don’t enjoy it, but sometimes I do it.  I did it religiously when I started paleo.  Now I only do it when I know I am going to have a week with lots of potential food problems (out of town, lots of events, or the holidays).  I had my food journal with me everywhere so I didn’t forget this or that when I finally sat down at night to log the day.  It is a bother.  But it helps.  It is right there in black and white, and you can see if you are eating enough, too much, the wrong types of foods, all the same vegetable for 3 days straight…and you can see how often you really cheat.  There are online programs to track your food, but it is nice and simple to just write it down in a book too.   The key is to do whatever you need to in order to actually know what you are eating and how it impacts you.

*Check out this video of Ian from our sister affiliate CF Los Gatos doing “Leapin Leprechaun”.




*add 5lbs to your last 5×5

5 Rounds

200m Sand Bag Run (60/40)

5 Jerks (185/133)