Assistance Work


Samantha jumping the barbell.

In CrossFit we do a lot of Olympic weightlifting. In fact, along with gymnastics and sprinting, it is one of the original parts of CrossFit. CrossFit West Santa Cruz is no exception. We love to weightlift. One of the most important parts of O-lifting is the full extension at the top of the drive or the second pull. This all important triple extension is an absolute staple in just about every movement in CrossFit. There are some great drills and exercises used to train this extension. One of my favorites is the clean pull, or snatch pull if training the snatch, with a wooden stick to gauge height. Don’t be scared to put some decent weight on the barbell and really jump it up.


10 Rounds

1 Muscle Up

1 Deadlift 1 1/2 BW

1 Handstand Pushup

For a finisher, sprint through the WOD for 5 rounds. Try to halve your 10 round time.

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