Athlete Profile: Cody R.

Cody, aka "Special"

Athlete Profile: Cody Rubel

Hometown: Ione, CA

When did you start with CFW? August 2011

Favorite WOD/movement: Christine and Power Cleans

Least favorite WOD/movement: Karen and ring dips

What is your prior fitness background? High School Basketball, Football, and Golf and working out at a gym. I had never done CrossFit before I joining CFWest.

Do you remember your first WOD? It was power cleans, pull ups, and ring dips. I don’t remember the reps but I remember that I was more exhausted then I have ever been after a work out.

How have you improved in CF? I have improved my form during lifts, improved my cardio, and have gotten stronger but injuries have limited my improvement.

How often do you usually CF? Usually around 3-6 days a week depending on how busy I am.

Any athletic activities outside of the gym? Not at the moment except for a weight lifting class at Cabrillo

Any special diet you follow? I just try to not eat a lot of candy and drink a lot of water.

Have you had any particular challenges you have struggled with in CF, injuries to work around? I have been getting injured a lot, and it has just made me realize that I need to take better care of my body.

Favorite CF/CFW moments you’d like to share? My favorite CrossFit moment is the first time I got a muscle up, and at CrossFit West, I like the huge holiday classes.

Any advice for our newbies? Keep with it. It is really hard but it makes you feel better overall in everyday activities and life.

Who is the best looking coach? Chris, obviously

Pre-Workout Routine? ROLL OUT!!!! (editor’s note: Cody’s that guy who usually gets to class REALLY early and then actually uses the foam roller)

Post-Workout Routine? Roll out, stretch and write in my workout journal

Share two things you are working on inside the gym. Double unders and all over head movements

Share two things you are working on outside of the gym. Push ups and Sit-ups

Favorite non-CrossFit past time. Play video games 🙂

We love you Cody!

This profile kicks off our new series of athlete spotlights.  If you would like to volunteer to be profiled, please contact me (Leah), otherwise I just might pick you.  We want to know your story!  And if you don’t volunteer, we all know that Chris will want to be the next one profiled.

**A very happy birthday to Matt Lezin! **


Press 3×3

add # from last week


3×10 Thrusters 95/65#

3×10 Hang Power Clean 135/95#

Superset the 2 movements and rest 2 minutes between each set

(Do the movements with a partner and use 2 bars.)