August 12th REST DAY

Monday, August 12th


“I’m not trying to prove anybody wrong, I’m just trying to prove something to myself.”                                              -Mike Piazza

“Fitness and exercise are not about proving anything to anybody but ourselves.  The fact that we run thirty miles a week, or take aerobics classes every day, or play two rounds of golf every Saturday, or can bench press our own weight, is important only in what it means to us.  We shouldn’t be training for a marathon just to show someone how wonderful we are.  Nor should we overdo it at the gym to keep up with those who we’re trying to impress.  The beauty of participating in sports is that it is so personally satisfying.  What we do, we do because we want to do it, not becuase we’ve been challenged, or put down, or feel the need to prove something to someone.

“Athletes of all levels are constantly challenged by  colleagues, coaches, teachers, and opponents to show their stuff.  We’re bombarded by advertisers who try to encourage us to get out there and do something by threatening us with gaining weight, being out of shape, and just not being good enough.  When taken the right way, all of these outside factors can be great motivators.  They can mobilize us to take to the court, gym, and track.  However, for us to really benefit from our exercise program, we have to be doing it for the right reason and person- to prove something to ourselves.  No amount of working out to impress others is ever going to be as effective as working out to impress ourselves.

“I work out for me, and me alone.”

 4 days til tryouts!!!