Austin In Italy

Carla nails 200#...

...and Payton gets his GHD on.

Most of CrossFit West Santa Cruz knows that big Austin E, the king of the high box jump and the Prowler push, has been in Europe trying out for the pro volleyball leagues there. I just got a nice update email from him with this paragraph in it:

So one thing I have noticed, and am very thankful for, is that I am here with some of the 50 best collegiate volleyball graduates who all come from various training backgrounds. None of which are CrossFit, I am the only one. As the tryouts go on, they continue to degrade their play and complain about soreness and can’t preform at their highest level. I, on the other hand, feel great, and can cope with and overcome all this physical activity and mental stress because of CrossFit, and because CFWSC’s programming is so phenomenal for me. So thank you for whatever team I make. Currently there are talks of me staying in Italy. 6 teams want me, but I might hold out a little longer and tour/tryout in Slovenia. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

Great to hear from you Austin, and thank you for the kind words. I am so glad that your time at CrossFit West has paid such dividends. Good luck and be sure to keep us posted.

Volleyball is a tricky sport to train for. It demands power and explosivity, but it is also very unpredictable in that a game can last several hours with the ball in action for a lot of that time. Like many sports–wrestling, kickboxing, rugby, water polo, and others, volleyball needs power and speed in spades, but also stamina. These are two attributes that are usually opposite on the training spectrum. Austin found his perfect match in CrossFit.

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The CrossFit West Santa Cruz Summer Sports Series continues this Saturday, the 20th, with the Boxing Seminar. Boxing is a sport renowned for the athleticism and fitness of its practitioners. It is also a lot of fun. Come give it a try. There is a sign up sheet on the front desk. Click HERE for all the info.



7×3 @ 75% 1RM


Bear Complex 5-4-3-2-1

Pullup           18-15-12-9-6

Run       30-100- 200-400-800m

Do 5 rounds of the Bear, 18 pullups, run 30m.  Then do 4 rounds of the Bear, 15 pullups, run 100m, and so on.

The Bear is:

Squat Clean


Back Squat

Rack Thruster

Gents use 155. Ladies 100.