Back Squats

PJ, 18, battles the sled. Next time you are at Costco, ask him for help out. He can handle it.

With today, we start our final month on the current back squat program. Yes, it is getting hard. Dig deep, get a crowd around you, get a counter, get fired up. And above all, believe in your self.  You can do it.

If you have any doubt about your ability, watch Tan do his squats. For the past three weeks, every squat has been a battle, he has been breathing like a steam engine, and he will not quit. And he has gotten a lot stronger. That kind of drive, persistence, and guts is just plain inspiring. Great work, Tan.


Back Squat

20 reps @5# more than last week.



10, 9, 8, 7…2, 1

Snatch 115/75#

2oom Run after each snatch set