Bad Days

Kjell and Chris; ring pullups.

Bad training days.  You are going to have them.  A lot of them actually.  In fact, the longer you train, the more those not-so-great training days will happen.  That’s ok.  Sure, its a bummer, but it is totally natural. Is every meal you make awesome?  Does every photo you take have perfect focus and lighting? Is every post you write for a website worthy of publication (whoa, easy there)? I have seen a lot of great bands a half dozen times each (the Stones, Social D, the Rev, the Paladins, Pearl Jam), and you know what, some shows were a lot better than others. Every workout is not going to be great either.

A large part of making progress is understanding that you will not always be making progress.  And working hard anyway.  You are not going to PR every training session, or even have a good one.  Real progress, spread out over years, is about persevering in your training.  Look at the whole picture, not just one workout, or even a week’s worth of workouts.

In the beginning, you are going to make big jumps regularly.  Its called beginner adaptation.  The better and stronger you get, the harder earned gains will be.  As Dan John writes…if you bench press a hundred pounds and add ten pounds a month, you’ll bench 460 in about three years and 500 in a few more months.  How many [people do you know] with three years under [their] belt are pounding out 500-pound benches?  You know…in the gym, not just on the internet.

I know that is not very inspiring, but don’t worry, you are going to have training sessions where everything just clicks.  You are on fire, you are a cross between Dimas, Amundson, and Conan the barbarian. Revel in those days, glory in them, write them in your training journal in red ink.  And then let them go.  Don’t expect every workout to be like those magic ones, for you will never continue, but sure enjoy them when they come.  And then get back to training hard.

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Back Squat

2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2


Hang Power Clean 15-12-9

Pushup 21-15-9

100m sprint after each couplet

Rx’d for gents is 145, 95 for the ladies. Scale up if you can.