Bad Folks

Desmond focusing as he sets up for the Clean and Jerk

Jocelyn making her second attempt at 87kg

Yesterday 3 of our CrossFit Wester’s competed in the Bad Girl and Bad Boy open Olympic lifting meet at the Fit Barbell Club in Los Altos.  For those who don’t know a whole lot about Olympic lifting competitions, the whole competition consists of two lifts- The Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. Here’s how it’s judged:

  • Each athlete is allowed three attempts at each chosen weight for each lift.
  • Three referees judge the lift.
  • If the lift is successful, the referee immediately hits a white button and a white light is turned on, indicating the lift as successful. In this case then the score is recorded.
  • If a lift is unsuccessful or deemed invalid, then the referee hits the red button and a red light goes off.  There are many things that are allowed in CrossFit such as pressing out or dropping the weight from overhead without following it down with your hands that are not allowed in sanctioned Olympic lifting competitions.  Others include (on the clean and jerk) catching the bar on your chest first, followed by rotating the elbows around the bar to get it to the shoulders (in Olympic lifting the bar must be jerked from the place on the body that it was caught) as well as pausing with the weight on any lift once it’s been lifted from the floor (ie: pausing and doing a hang variation of the lift)  The highest score for each lift is the one that gets used as the official value for the lift.
  • Once the highest value has been collected for each lift, the total weight lifted in the snatch is added to the total weight lifted in the clean and jerk. The lifter with the highest combined weight lifted becomes the champion. In the case of a tie, then the lifter whose body weight is less becomes the champion.

Yesterday in Los Altos, Desmond, Kyle, and Jocelyn all competed in the Bad Folks open and represented CF West proudly.  Desmond Snatched 93kg (205lbs) and C&J’d 114kg (251lbs) for a total of 207kg (456lbs).  Kyle Snatched 90kg (198lbs), C&J 130kg (286lbs) for a total of 220kg (484).  Jocelyn Snatched 71kg (156lbs), C&J’d 90kg (198lbs) for a total of 161kg (354lbs) taking home 1st place for the women at the competition.  Good job guys!


Paleo Retesting

“Christine” (with a run)

3 Rounds

400m run

12 Deadlifts (BS)

12 Box Jumps


Max Pull Ups