Birthday Bar Muscle-Ups


PJ R. looks on in support while Birthday Girl, Tiphanie G, hits some Bar Muscle-Ups.  While Tiphanie may have had Bar-Muscle-Ups for a while, (or, as Matt Z called them, “Struggle-Ups”, haha), she could never flip both arms over the bar at the same time, much less link two of them together for “Doubles”. It was always one arm, then the other. With some focused practice every week, (and a hell of a lot of determination), she can now do both; get both arms over the bar at the same time AND link em together! Strong work, Tiphanie!  Like getting your first Pull-Up, your first Ring-Muscle-Up, or your first Bodyweight Clean, getting your first Bar Muscle-Up can seem a bit daunting to some athletes, yet with patience and persistence, there is nothing that will keep you from attaining it if you are willing to work for it.  Congrats, Tiphanie, and Happy Birthday!