Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!

I was reading a Batman comic today, and, since part of my mind is always thinking about CrossFit, the thought struck me that CrossFit would be the perfect strength and conditioning regimen for Batman.  Batman, as we all know (and I hope you do, Batman is a cultural icon for chrissakes), does not have any super powers.  Unlike superheroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Superman, he has only his hard earned skills and and some pretty cool technology to back him up.  Thus, Batman cannot afford to have a second rate training program.  Not only does he need the best, but he can’t spend all day working out.  He needs to be out there fighting mobsters, supervillains, and other malcontents, as well as flirting with supermodels as Bruce Wayne.  The guy has a busy schedule.

Let’s take a look at the kind of skills and prowess that Batman needs. And I am only talking about strength and conditioning related ability, not martial arts, ass kicking, and other specialty skills.

1. Batman needs to be strong.  He often fights guys who are much larger than himself or have augmented strength.  He goes up against multiple opponents a lot, so he can’t spend a bunch of time wearing down each bad guy with multiple combos.  One or two blows has to do the trick.

2. Batman needs to be fast.  Think multiple opponents again.

3. Batman needs to have cardio-respiratory endurance and muscular stamina.  Let’s face it, fighting badguys all night can wear you down.  Batman needs to be able to go the distance at any time.  His life, and much of Gotham, depends on it.

4 Batman needs to have agility, balance, coordination, accuracy, and flexibility.  Batman is highly trained in many kinds of martial arts, gymnastics, parkour, climbing, BASE jumping, and a myriad of other specialty systems and skills.  None of these abilities which he has amassed over years of constant training will work under pressure in the field were it not for these neurological attributes.  His training regimen not only needs to recognize this, but enhance it.

5. Batman needs power.  Above all, he needs to be able to deliver strength quickly.  There is not a physical movement that he does that is not ultimately dependent on power.  

Ok, I think that is a pretty comprehensive list. Take a look at it again.  Does it remind you of anything?  If you answered CrossFit’s “Ten Attributes of Fitness”, then you are spot on and you should go treat yourself to a Batman comic or a mocha.  Maybe both, they certainly complement each other.

There is another aspect of Batman’s training program that needs to be addressed.  He has absolutely no idea what he will face each time he dons his mask and batbelt.  Talk about General Physical Preparedness, Batman can’t afford to cycle his training for competitions.

When you think about it, Batman is really the poster boy for CrossFit.  No other strength and conditioning program comes close to giving him the fitness he needs to do his job and walk away (well, drive the Batmobile back to Wayne Manor) at the end of the night.

Look at that list of attributes that Batman needs again.  How is it any different than the attributes needed by a cop, or a firefighter, or a wrestler, or an ultimate frisbee player, or a dancer, or a bouncer.  It’s not.  CrossFit is an ideal match for any physical activity.  And if it works so well for those whose very lives depend upon their fitness level, as well as those who demand it for their sports and other activities, well then, it works for just about everyone.  

Real or fictional.

What are your thoughts?  Please post to Comments.


7 Rounds 

1 Deadlift + 3 Handstand Pushups

1 Deadlift + 5 Pullups (C2B) 

1 Deadlift + 7 Squats

Deadlift weight–80% 1RM (go heavy)

Do each couplet of a 1 minute interval.  So, do 1 DL and 3 HSPU and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  On the minute, do 1 DL and 5 pullups and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  On the minute, do 1 DL and 7 squats and then rest for the remainder of the minute.  On the minute, do 1 DL and 3 HSPU and so on until 7 rounds have been completed (21 deadlifts).

Post weight to Comments.