Be My Guest

Cara bangs out a legit 6 minute Fran at her 2nd Elements class.  This is an athlete to watch.

Cara bangs out a legit sub 7 minute Fran at her 2nd Elements class.


CrossFit West Santa Cruz presents itself to the CrossFit community and the world through this, our website.  And because of that, we spend a lot of time and energy on it.  It probably isn’t the fanciest website around, but I hope that it has some good content.  CF West has a lot of voices and we often feature those voices on our website.  In fact, some of the best writing on the daily post, ahem, has come from guest writers. The Monday night post is always Jocelyn territory, and Kyle (he of the black heart) and others have written guest posts.

So, what is the point here?  I am calling for anyone who has something to say about CrossFit to be a guest writer for the CF West daily blog.  C’mon folks, send me your ideas, thoughts, and scribbles.  Go on, put pen to paper.  I dare ya.  You never know what will come out.

Please send any thoughts, ideas, and essays to [email protected]



7 sets of 3 where the last 3 sets are 3RM


3 Rounds with 2 minutes rest between rounds.

100 feet Overhead Lunge 45/33#

50 feet Burpee Broad Jump

5 Power Cleans 185/135#

100m Sprint

Post WOD completed and score to Comments.