Beach Day Rocked!

Yeah, Beach Day was great. The sun was out, the water was…well, not too cold, the coals were hot, the girls were in bikinis, and no one got a ticket for dogs, beer (gluten-free of course), or wine. It is always fun to see fellow CF West members out of the gym and the Summer Sports Series has been a great opportunity to get to know each other in a completely different environment. A big thank you to Leah and that other guy, ol what’s-his-name, for organizing everything.

Some of my most memorable moments were Cliff diving for the football into a thicket of sticks and impaling his chest multiple times (just scratches actually, but he is proud of his war wounds), Kirsten dominating the football game, Danny wearing a wetsuit literally the entire day, Juju wearing nothing literally the entire day, Desmond’s breakaway run complete with broken tackles and several falls, learning to play volleyball with Vero and Kirsten (a little scary, but fun), Nolan completing a 360 on his body board for a 5 buck bet, the Earle sisters being themselves, big Matt S kite flying with Wolfie strapped to his chest, and Nadia easily carrying both kids down the stairs.

Whew, it was a very good day. Thanks to everyone who made it out.

The next event in the Summer Sports Series is the Olympic Weightlifting Seminar on July 23rd. Click here for all the info. Please email me ([email protected]) to reserve your spot.


Front Squat

Find your 2RM for the day.


5 Rounds

1 Deadlift 80% 1RM

2 Muscle Ups

3 Clean and Jerks 80% 1RM

2 Box Jumps 36/28″

1 Rope Climb