Beach Day!

Big Sean W leaps for the rope.

The Summer Sports Series Beach Day is officially on for Sunday, July 8th. Like last year, it will be held at the south end of Manresa Beach, and also like last year, it promises to be a blast. All the info is here. The weather has been classic Santa Cruz beach weather lately and it will only get better come July. There is a sign up sheet at the front desk to get a head count idea. Check out a description of last year’s Beach Day right here.

Dr Jen!

A huge congratulation to CrossFit West Santa Cruz member Jen R on recently earning her PHd from UCSC. We are very proud of you, Jen.

Happy Birthday to CFWSC member Chris Kulp, aka the Professor. He made me promise not to tell anyone about his birthday and especially not to put it up on the blog, but as his coach I feel impervious to any retaliation. Chris will be representing CrossFit West Santa Cruz and Los Gatos in the 60+ division of the CrossFit Games next month. Good luck and Happy Birthday, Chris.


Back Squat

2 sets of max reps at body weight

(If you cannot do reps at bodyweight then shoot for max reps at either 75% or 50% of bodyweight.)



Deadlift (225/155)

Toes 2 Bar