The Vanguard

There are about 12 minutes worth of videos below (the last one is a kinda long and I am not responsible for the music in any of them, I recommend the mute button).  If you have time, please watch them all, if not, watch a little of each one.  Represented are some pretty different examples of athleticism and fitness, but they all share some common traits–strength, power, speed, endurance, muscle stamina, agility, explosivity, among others.  Not to mention the psychological traits–focus, drive, discipline, determination, among others.  Exactly the traits that CrossFit trains and engenders.

In CrossFit, we talk a lot about bringing high level training to the masses.  About taking explosive functional training out of the exclusive realms of the university sports programs’ strength and conditioning centers, out of the pro sports’ training camps, out of the Olympic training halls and making it available to all.  About how a guy or girl training in a garage or small box can achieve levels of fitness hitherto unknown in such egalitarian settings.

And we have been very successful.  Now I think it is time to bring CrossFit to the university strength and conditioning centers, the pro sport training camps, the Olympic training halls.  Look at the videos below and find someone who doesn’t need more speed, power, stamina, endurance, explosivity.  And nothing delivers like CrossFit.

CrossFit is strong medicine.  I think people, to a certain extent even CrossFit itself, are just now beginning to realize just how strong.  We, all of us, are in the vanguard.  Help spread the word.

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Overhead Squat



Do 9-6 fast air squats, on the tenth one do 5 broad jumps for speed and distance.  Repeat 5 times, dropping the number of squats by 1 each round (ie, on the 4th round do 6 squats).


10 Clean and Jerks 175/115#

200m Run

10 Clean and Jerks 155/100#

100m Run

10 Clean and Jerks 135/85#

50m Run

Use 3 bars or have a partner change the weight during the run.

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