Being Nostalgic

Today, CrossFit West is flourishing.  We have an awesome facility, great equipment, and most importantly, a bunch of dedicated and fun loving members!  It hasn’t always been this way, however.  I was looking through some old pictures from the Golds days into the first days at the gym across the parking lot and I decided I had to share them.  Many current members have never seen what “CrossFit West” used to be.

Desmond and me during "Fight Gone Bad" back at Golds in Fall 2008.

A bunch of the guys post WOD at Golds. Who the heck is that sexy beast laying down on the left???

One of our first "CrossFit Totals" back in 2008. I think it's safe to say we've all gotten a tad bit stronger

Post WOD at the new box sometime in 2009. We thought this place was huge (it is now Reefside Hydro across the parking lot). Crazy how time flies!

I know one thing for sure that hasn't changed in the last 4 years: a certain someone's handwriting!

Here’s to many more great years to come at CrossFit West!


Press 3×3 add # from last week


Bear Complex 5-4-3-2-1

Pullup           18-15-12-9-6

Run       50-100- 200-400-800m

Do 5 rounds of the Bear, 18 pullups, run 50m.  Then do 4 rounds of the Bear, 15 pullups, run 100m, and so on.

The Bear is:

Squat Clean


Back Squat

Rack Thruster