Big Wednesday


We have been having an explosion of PRs lately at CrossFit West Santa Cruz. Today saw deadlift PRs for Cliff, Heidi, Molly, Samantha, and Mr Deadlift himself, Derek D. Derek reclaimed his CFWSC deadlift crown from Kyle B with a lift of 465#.

Great work everyone. As Coach Glassman likes to say, the only thing bad about the deadlift is the name. Charge it.

Speaking of PRs, congratulations to Jocelyn for her absolutely smokin’ Grace time today. 2:40! That is the official CFWSC record by a wide margin. She then went on to clean and push jerk a PR of 150#, another CFWSC record. Now that’s a good day.

If anyone has any drawing skill and would like to help with our new logo, please let me know.


You guessed it–Deadlifts.

Work your way up to a 1 rep max in the Deadlift.



30 Clean and Jerks 135/83#

If you did Grace yesterday, do it again, but mix it up a little. Change the weight, do 3 sets of 10 reps with 2 minutes rest in between, or do Grace with squat or hang cleans. Have fun.

Post loads and times to Comments.

The UCSC CrossFit club will not meet this Friday, the 31st.  See you on Monday.