Muscle up city! Jon and Rich on top of the rings for the first time.

Muscle up city! Jon and Rich on top of the rings for the first time.

Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the earth, nothing is bred that is weaker than man.

A polar bear can run 25 miles per hour, swim 200 miles at a time. They can pick up a snowmobile and literally throw it. They can smell a seal under 3 feet of ice nearly a mile away, approach it soundlessly, and haul it up onto the ice with 5-inch  claws. They are so well insulated that they are nearly invisible on infrared photographs, and their paws dramatically splay out so they can walk on incredibly thin ice. Polar bears have been known to hunt and kill 3,000 pound beluga whales (info from Outside magazine). Yeah, there is no way around the fact that polar bears are pretty bad ass. And I bet you can find jaw-dropping stats about a lot of animals.

With something like polar bears around, it’s hard to argue with Homer (and why would you, there aren’t a lot of 2,800 year old best sellers out there). Humans don’t move quite like the rest of our animal kin. We certainly don’t inhabit our physicality in the same capacity as other animals do. And, while it is very nice that we don’t need to, it is a grave mistake to neglect it all together. Far from being a base pleasure, enjoyment of movement is an integral part of our being, even if many of us have forgotten it. We are animal and for so many of us, remembering that is a key ingredient to restoring balance in our lives. Being fit, healthy, and active isn’t just a necessity, it’s our birthright.