Boat Burning

ERad; working towards the handstand pushup.

Chris C; rugby, lacrosse, CrossFit, and Keystone Light.

The joy of 2 pood snatches.

The old man with 235#.

In 334 BC, Alexander of Macedon crossed the Hellespont from Europe into Asia on his path towards the conquest of Persia.  Legend says that there, on the shores of Asia Minor, he ordered the burning of the boats that were his army’s only avenue of retreat.  Alexander lived his life around the idea of total commitment.  A year later in the campaign, Alexander arrived in the city of Gordium, home of the famed Gordian Knot.  Rather than struggle with incomprehensible knot, Alexander drew his sword and cut the ball of rope in two.

There is a peculiar word that is very apropos for modern society.  Dilettante.  Originally dilettante meant an art lover or patron, but it has come to mean a dabbler.  One who dabbles in many areas, but never really masters or excels at anything.  In seems that the passion it takes to really master something is in short supply these days and it is just fine to dabble.  Dabble, the very word just screams mediocrity.

The opposite of dabbling is Alexander’s actions described above.  If you are serious about something, you need to have commitment.  You need to wipe any thought or possibility of quitting from your mind.  Yes, most things really worth doing, such as CrossFit or the Paleo diet, are hard.  You need to burn your boats and really commitment.  Promise yourself 3 or 4 months no matter what.  Three or 4 months.  You can do it.  People used to work ten years on a single project or an entire lifetime on a cathedral.  You can commit to 3 or 4 months. Going Paleo?  Really do it, no cheating at all.  Three or 4 months.  Don’t worry, all that sugar and gluten and crap will still be there after 3 months.  Never fear, your favorite bar will not have changed at all in 3 months.

I know it sounds scary, but how do you think Alexander’s soldiers felt?  Besides, committing to something worthwhile feels good.



3, 3, 3

Bench Press



6 Rounds

1 Sled Push 50′

3 Power Cleans 185/125#

1 Sled Push 50′

6 Broad Jumps 6′

If you do not have a sled, do a heavy Farmers Walk.

Post press and bench loads, and WOD time, to Comments.