Bon Voyage

Faces of Grace #1: Ryan powers through his first dance with Grace.

Faces of Grace #1: Ryan powers through his first dance with Grace.

Faces of Grace #2: Liz; dual ice after a 29 second PR.

Faces of Grace #2: Liz; dual ice after a 29 second PR.

Faces of Grace #3: the man himself, Bill B, in action.

Faces of Grace #3: the man himself, Billy B, in action.

Faces of Grace #4: Chris C; 3:19 on his first go.

Faces of Grace #4: Chris C; 3:19 on his first go. It must be the socks????

Tonight’s post is written by Jocelyn who will be out of the country for two weeks. No worries though, all her classes will be covered by the black heart himself.

After a weekend of demolition, dust, construction, and hard work by many friends and members of CrossFit West I arrived at the box only to find it sparkling with 400 square feet of new training space. Just as fast as we expanded, that space was filled with members all day long, taking their shot at Grace. At the end of the night my phone rings and it is Sam at the other end of the line calling, excited as ever, to tell me all about how just about everyone PR’d. Many by upwards of 3 minutes! Our conversation ended with our favorite saying around here, “it’s almost like this stuff works.”

It is almost like this stuff works. In fact I believe it so much that I am conducting my own case study of sorts. Many of you many have already heard that I’m off to Greece for two weeks to play softball with the Greek national team. You may also know that I retired from professional softball just about a year ago (August 2008) and basically have not picked up a ball since. When I accepted the offer to play in a tournament this summer I was training for the CrossFit Games and did not want do any specialized training when my aim was to be generally physically prepared.  It then dawned on me that it might be interesting to see how CrossFit, virtually on its own, could prepare me for top level softball after taking a year off.

My training until about 3 weeks ago consisted of only CrossFit with the exception of very light demonstrations in mechanics in the pitching lessons I give (we are talking very light tosses from about 10ft away), as well as playing casual catch with Kyle, Sam, and Cliff; all of whom complained that “it wasn’t fun anymore” as soon as I tried to ramp up the speed to any degree.

About 3 weeks out I began throwing about 1 time per week at a serious speed, but mostly continued with CrossFit only. The sessions, to my amazement, went quite well. I was throwing just as hard, and probably even a bit harder, than I did the previous year. My precision was quite good, pitch movement excellent. The most amazing part: after 1 year of no practice, I felt little to no soreness the following day after my pitching sessions.

Here’s the real test: I’ve got the big tournament in Milan (after 6 days of practice in Athens) in 1 week. But I’m quite confident that CrossFit will do me proud. After all, it’s almost like this stuff works.

See you all in two weeks. Train hard!

Casey has written an iPhone app for tracking/logging CrossFit workouts and personal records, and is running a beta test and is looking for beta testers. Anyone interested in being a beta tester can talk to him at the box, or just send an email to [email protected]



AMRAP  in 20 minutes

2 Muscle Ups


8 KB Swings (2pd/1.5pd)

Post WOD and times to comments.