Boomers and Ladies!



Posted by Jocelyn


CrossFit West is very excited to have our beloved trainer and friend, Ed Evans, on our team.  Ed is a well known and well respected CrossFit trainer who for years has worked with elite athletes and the general population alike, always yielding amazing results.  Ed was actually the first person to spot me in Gold’s gym a little over a year ago and introduced me to CrossFit.  I haven’t looked back to the globo gym days since.  What’s exciting for us is that Ed has developed two awesome new classes for CrossFit West specializing in older populations and women only.

Boomers, designed for older populations, is a new class that takes place at 7AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Don’t let the name fool you.  Ed has these folks running and jumping, cleaning and jerking and sprinting just like the rest of us.  Although it’s designed for our older generation (this is what CrossFit is all about) we haven’t put an age cap on it yet.  If you’re a little older and don’t feel ready to jump into our regular classes just yet, come check out this class.  Ed will get you there in no time.

Women only!  This class  takes place M,W,F at 7am.  Don’t really want to jump in with those sweaty, shirtless, firebreather boys?   Ed creates a friendly environment in a smaller, women only setting, that allows his girls to get the personal attention they need to ramp up their fitness.  No offense guys.

A little about Ed:  He started his lifting career in 1960 at the age of 12. As a teenager he competed in Olympic lifting, winning the AAU Jr. Olympics and the state of Ohio championships. After high school, Ed went into the Navy, he went through Navy SEAL survival school, hospital corpman school and surgical technician school and completed a tour in Vietnam. After the Navy, Ed went back to school and earned a Bachelors degree in Biology.

During this time Ed remained passionate about Olympic lifting and began powerlifting.  At age 57 he went on to set a California state record in powerlifting.  He continues to lift both power and Olympic styles to this day. At the age of 62, he can still squat nearly 500 pounds and can deadlift over 400 pounds. In addition to his CrossFit certification, Ed has his NSCA, Endocrine Practitioner, and Sports Performance certifications.

So don’t be bashfull!  Come check out Ed’s new classes.  You won’t regret it!




5 rounds

7 Power Snatch (135/95)

30 Squats

50 yrd Shuttle (to our wall and back)