Box Jump Redux


Vyasa, mid flight.

The bar is constantly being raised at CrossFit West Santa Cruz. A little while ago I posted how Desmond got a 47″ box jump. And the challenge was on. Yesterday several guys nailed 51″ (that is a 24″ box and eight 45# bumpers), albeit not without a few mishaps.



If you bump into them about town, feel free to give them a hard time, but congratulate them too, ’cause both guys were ok and went on to make the jump. It takes a lot of athletic ability to stick a leap like that, and even more courage to even attempt it. Great work guys.

What about CrossFit has given you more courage, more confidence?


Work up a 1RM in the deadlift, and then

21, 15, 9

Wall Ball

Kettlebell Swing

Box Jump

Run 200m after each triplet.