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 Brad is a Sherriff and ex-collegiate Rugby player (Go Bears!) who has been CrossFitting with us since shortly after we opened in April.  You wouldn’t have guessed it based on his work ethic, but he joined only after a bit of coercing (well, after he was dragged) by his fiance’ Liz.  What happened next was amazing.  Brad took to CrossFit with utter dedication and focus.  His strength sky rocketed.  He got faster and better.  And after initially turning down the paleo challenge offer, had a change of heart and committed to that too.  The results were amazing.  Here’s his testimonial.   

First, I want to personally thank Sam, Kyle, Jocelyn, Cliff and Jason.  You guys are all great trainers that have pushed me every time I workout at Crossfit.  Even though I am quiet at workouts, I want you all to know how much I appreciate what you do.  You are all very good at what you do.

At first, I did not want to conform to this paleo challenge.  I thought about doing paleo when the competition was proposed but I thought I did not have to watch what I ate as long as I just came to Crossfit and worked out hard.  A few days later, my fiance (Liz) and I thought we would give paleo a shot.  After completing the paleo challenge, I can honestly say that I am so thankful I did it.  I was lucky to have a partner to do the paleo challenge with, because Liz kept me disciplined.  I don’t intend on conforming back to whatever diet I had before I started the challenge.  I have noticed such a significant change in the way I feel from the change in my diet that I have no desire to eat another way. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to have a strict paleo diet.  I cheat all the time.  However, I’ve learned to be more conscious about what I eat and be more in tune with how my body reacts to the specific food I consume.  I notice differences in my performance in working out based on the food I consume.  As a result, I have discovered that a primary paleo diet, for me, is a very good diet. 

Doing this paleo challenge with a partner was very fulfilling because I can see the transformation in Liz and she can see mine.  It’s sometimes difficult to see one’s own transformation. 

It hasn’t been since college that I’ve felt as good as I do now and to be honest I think I feel better now than I did then.  In addition, I think I’m stronger now than I was in college too. 

Not only has the paleo challenge put me in better shape but Crossfit workouts, SPECIFICALLY WEST SANTA CRUZ CROSSFIT WORKOUTS, have transformed me.  There are numerous Crossfit workout facilities, in the county of Santa Cruz; I personally feel that Crossfit West Santa Cruz is the best. 

I enjoy arriving, getting into the right mindset, get pumped up and excited and loose myself in the workouts.  I like to think of Crossfit as another world that I enter.  Liz says it’s odd that I don’t talk to her when I workout, but I consider Crossfit my time to release.

Crossfit has also benefited me in my job and I’m thankful of that because I can guarantee I could not have been able to be in the shape I am from continuing my self-designed 24-hour Nautilus workouts.  God, knows I’d never pay for one of 24-hour Nautilus’ bull shit trainers to train me. 

I didn’t have much to say in this Paleo Challenge reflection because the “challenge” is never over.  Life is a paleo challenge and I will continue to compete and strive to excel. 

The better I feel physically, the better I feel mentally. 

The Paleo Challenge has been essential to me getting in better shape.  As I’ve learned, my diet was directly related to how I felt and the shape I was in.  The Paleo Challenge played an integral role in making physical gains and body transformations. 

Again thank you Crossfit West Santa Cruz trainers, you guys are the best.  Also, thank you members it’s really fun working out with you all. 


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