Nadia; squatting for two.

Emily, with a pair of weightlifting shoes on the line, does Grace as Rx'd for the first time by clean and jerking her PR 30 times.

Breakfast seems to be the meal that I get the most questions about from people starting the Paleolithic diet.  Breakfast is the meal where grain is most ingrained (no pun intended) in us–cereal, whether hot or cold, pancakes, waffles, grits, toast, French toast, muffins, bagels, hash browns and home fries, and more.  It just seems like breakfast is the hardest meal to eat Paleo.

Here are some tips that I use when it comes to breakfast.

Eggs are key.  They are quick and relatively easy to make, and they lend themselves to a wide variety of preparation.  And wide variety is the main point.  Eggs can be prepared in a bunch of different fashions–hard boiled, over easy, fried, poached, etc.  I usually scramble my eggs for one big reason.  You can make scrambled eggs many different ways.  And again, variety is what we are after.

A lot (about 3-4 a week) of mornings I have six eggs, four whole and two whites.  Yes, it can get old.  You need to get creative.  You can change the taste of your scramble by using different spices.  Salt and pepper, Creole seasoning, basil and oregano, Tabasco and Tapatio, for example.  And garlic, lots of garlic. Different kinds of oils give unique tastes.  Olive oils are available with different infused flavors, and I like the oil from a jar of sun dried tomatoes.  If you are Paleo+dairy, different cheeses also impart different flavors.  I usually throw in a vegetable or two.  Mushrooms, a little onion, chopped up sweet pepper, olives, maybe a marinated artichoke heart or some sun dried tomatoes.  Salsa and pesto (albeit not together) are great additions. That is a bit of variety right there and it really doesn’t take much time to prepare.

The key, in my mind, to a good scramble is the meat.  When you are lifting heavy and training hard, you want more protein than six eggs.  I like to throw some meat into the scramble.  I might dice up something leftover from last night’s dinner (always cook enough for leftovers), such as steak or chicken.  If there isn’t any available leftovers, I like canned crab and salmon, smoked salmon or lox, and shrimp (especially marinated).  This stuff can be expensive, but it goes a long way if just used for breakfast scrambles.  It tastes great and the price is worth it if it means you can eat Paleo for breakfast day after day.

A quick word about the egg itself.  I buy my eggs in large bunches from Costco because I am poor (duh, I run a CrossFit box), but if you can afford them, organic free range eggs are just awesome.  You get more white and the taste is great.

Between the above two paragraphs there is a lot of room for experimentation and creativity just with scrambled eggs.  I also like turkey bacon (the Trader Joe’s stuff is addicting) and chicken sausages.  While the turkey bacon is fairly lean, sausages can be kind of fatty and they will often have cheese in them.  Other breakfast staples are grapefruits and apples.

If you are Paleo+dairy, breakfast is even easier.  Cottage cheese is probably the quickest breakfast to make.  I like mine with lots of berries.  Greek yogurt with berries and a touch of honey makes an appearance now and again too.  Be warned, dairy in general, but especially in the morning or evening will bulk you up.

One of the biggest complaints I get about Paleo breakfasts is that they are so repetitive.  I hope that I have been able to show that this really isn’t true.  Also, Paleo or not, breakfast is the most repetitive meal of the day and most people eat the same old thing for it most of the time anyway.  So, give some of the ideas above a try.

What do you eat for breakfast?  Please post to Comments.


Back Squats


5 broad jumps for speed and distance between each set.


3 Rounds

8 Box Jumps 24″

6 Push Jerk 135/85#

5 Pullups

3 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5 pood

Repeat the 3 (micro) rounds 4 times (4 macro rounds) with 2 minutes rest between each of the 4 macro rounds.

(WOD courtesy of CF Unlimited.  Thanks Austin.)

Post each macro round time to Comments.

OK, someone needs to come clean about this. This cup partially filled with a pink sugar drink was found in the box over the weekend. Fess up.