Bridging Boundaries


Yeah Cody!

During the Cold War between America and the USSR, travel and cultural exchange between the two countries was very limited, especially by the Soviet Union. However, groups of American, British, and Japanese aikido practitioners regular went to Russia and were warmly and enthusiastically received. I know some of the people who traveled there during that time. It strikes me that there must be something very special about aikido for such unique and open exchange to take place.


I see the exact same open exchange with CrossFit and, had CrossFit been as popular then as it is now, I can easily picture groups of Cold War era CrossFitters bridging cultural and international divides as easily as did the aikido practitioners. Something about CrossFit, its competitive spirit that is readily matched by its sportsmanship, its unparalleled efficiency balanced by its accessibility, its can do attitude coupled with its generosity of spirit, lends itself to divide conquering.

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Best of luck to Desmond and the other CrossFit West Santa Cruz members competing in the US Open Jujutsu Championships this weekend in San Jose.


Front Squat

5×5 add five pounds to the bar from last time


5 ROunds

7 Hang Power Snatch 115/75#

7 Dips

200m Run