CrossFit is very proud to present Burn, a documentary about Detroit firefighters and the city itself. Los Angeles, a city of 4 million people, sees 11 structure fires per day. Compare that to Detroit, which has 713,000 residents and 30 structure fires a day. And the arson rate is one of the highest in the world. Burn follows the crew of Engine Company 50 — one of the busiest firehouses in America. Located on Detroit’s blighted east side, E50 stands at ground zero of the city’s problems. Every day, these firefighters face injury, disablement, and death.  But they come back, day after day, resolved to make a difference. They’re certainly not here for the money — their starting salary is $30,000 and they haven’t seen a raise in 10 years.

CrossFit has contracted with the Del Mar Theater, downtown on Pacific Ave, for a once only showing of Burn–Tuesday, November 17th. All the proceeds, that’s 100%, go to buy equipment for the Detroit Fire Department. There is an after party at the Red, just a few blocks away from the theater, with free food and drink for attendees. Tickets are just $15 for the whole shindig and can be purchased here. I already have mine. Below is a trailer for the documentary.