“Caesar’s Wife…”, or What Do You Look For In A Coach

An article in the paper this morning caught my attention.  It described how an arrest warrant has been issued for a Santa Cruz Councilman for failure to appear in court to face charges of reckless driving for swerving and driving unsafe while typing on a laptop and texting. Politicians, they just make me shake my head.

Lack of a criminal record and at least enough integrity to appear in court to face charges is something I expect from my elected leaders.  Actually, I expect a lot more, but it seems like my standards are dropping all the time.  The idea of expecting more of a leader has been around a long time and perhaps it was even better understood over 2,000 years ago.  Two thousand years ago!  Back then slavery was legal and perfectly acceptable, the death penalty was common and often carried out, and the wholesale slaughter of cultures was unremarkable, but Calpurnia knew that she had to be above reproach.

But it got me thinking.  What is expected of a CrossFit coach?  Knowledge?  Compassion? Physical skill?  Experience?  Creativity? What are the important attributes that make a good coach?

How important is a coach’s personal CrossFit ability?  Do great CrossFitters and lifters make great trainers?  Dan Gable was one of the best ever and he is also one of the winningest coaches ever, in any sport.  But, I have never heard tell of Pat Riley’s physical prowess, and no one can deny that he is a great coach.  Same with Cus D’Amato.

How about likability?  Do you want your CF trainer to be nice?  Do you want to like him or her?  Or are the results all that matters, ala Ditka or Madden.

How about education and continuing education.  Do you look for a coach who has a lot of certifications?  How about who taught your coach?  Do you look at who they themselves trained with?  Or do you just go with the coach’s personality?

What are the top five attributes that you look for in a CrossFit coach? Please post to Comments.


400m Run

15, 10, 5

Dumbbell Thrusters 45/25#


Kettlebell Swing 73/53#

400m Run