Kayla’s Cali KooKs!



Holy Toledo, what should I have for dinner tonight?! I wanna make something fast but cooking takes forever!! Am I even going to have food for breakfast tomorrow??

These are the thoughts that travel through the head continuously throughout the day. And if you’re anything like myself, I plan my day around my eating schedule. (Cue Jack Black) “I like to eat! Is that such a crime?”

Luckily I have found another of my kind and she happens to be roaming around the gym amongst you all! Kaitie Korver is an avid eater and cooking expert. In that specific order. We have teamed up and called ourselves the Cali KooKs! Cali because California (duh) and KooKs because 1) we like to cook, 2) our names both start with the letter ‘K’, and 3) because this is Santa Cruz and we are certified kooks. So…if food is something that rules your everyday life or are just in need of some fresh cooking ideas, follow us on instagram @calikooks and allow us to spark your appetite!

P.S. If there is question as to what it is we cook (KooK), the answer is simple. Food! The kind that comes from the ground and the kind that has eye balls.