CaliKook Presents…Taco Tuesday is here!

Celebrate your Taco Tuesday the health conscious way with these Delicata Squash Bison Taco Boats! These little vessels are gluten-free, sugar-free, guilt-free, and packed full of flavor. They ain’t fat-free free though….if you still on that fat-free kick you livin’ in the past. Welcome to 2016 where as athletes we (should) thrive off of clean, seasonal  ingredients, aren’t afraid of starchy carbohydrates, enjoy grass-fed meats, and plan ahead so we refrain from making impulsive (stupid) choices. A fine tuned machine deserves the best fuel, so take the time to make these little buggas, your family, friends, and body will thank you. Especially if you have leftovers, then your future self will thank you for that post-workout snack!

Oh! I’m sorry, do you have no idea what the eff I’m talking about? Hi. My name is Karnivore Kayla, also known as Kayla the CaliKook. You may have seen me coach your class before at CrossFit West and/or Ready. What’s that? Yes…I am the person that fuels Simon’s abs….and you guys thought that he did sit-ups or something. I teamed up with Tommy Finn to bring you recipes that are paleo-friendly, and if you are not a fan of the “P” word then we can just say food-that-is-edible-for-humans. Cooking out of my tiny studio kitchen, that has a hotel-sized fridge and carpet that is severely stained because that’s what happens when you have to cook in your closet, but making it happen! Anything is possible!! If you have access to the internet, go follow my recipes on YouTube under “CaliKooks”, and obtain abs like Simon! Or…just keep doing sit-ups…they’ve ought to pop up any day now….right??