Call Out Board

Kyle Snatch Balance from Jocelyn Forest on Vimeo.

A little healthy competition is just that- healthy… AND FUN!  That’s why here at CrossFit West, we’re going to launch the “Call Out Board.”  It goes a little something like this:

Every week each of the trainers will select a few items to ponder.  For example, AMRAP 1 min 95lb OH Squat.  OR 100 Double Unders for time.  OR max pull ups.  OR 95lb “Grace.”  OR  Max 45lb plank hold.  We’ll post it on the white board next to the weekly PR Board on Sunday at the beginning of the week.  That’s when you start to get your competitive juices flowing.

Have you seen someone’s name on the PR board over and over but you never actually get to workout with them because they come at 5:30PM and you’re a 6AMer?  Or is there someone you’re constantly battling with in class and talking trash to?  Maybe you love coming to open gym on Sundays cause that’s when all the crazies come to throw some weight around and/or do those 45min metcons that rarely come up in class and you find it fun to compete with them.  Well now here’s you chance to call them out:) Just for fun of course.

We’ll put up the “Call Out” WODs for you to kick around and if you think there’s someone you want to go head to head with just for fun (or for fame and glory) sign on up.  Each time someone signs up and the call out is accepted by the call out-ee, we’ll meet at open gym at noon on Sunday the following weekend  for the fun and festivities.  Like for example, when Cliff gets back from Montana I think him and I have got a girl 95lb “Grace” in order! You won’t want to miss that one!

Have fun and keep it real!



Heavy Single

5 Rounds

30yd sled pull

30yd sled back pedal

15 DB Thrusters (45/25)

50 Double Unders