Calling All Fire-breathers

It’s that time again…competition season.  Sectional qualifiers all over the country  have already kicked off and our Nor Cal sectional is right around the corner.  So in the spirit of Games preparation CrossFit West will be hosting a series of “Fire-Breather” workouts.   Come join us for the Fire Breather Series debut, this Sunday 11:15 at open gym.  The event will consist of two workouts which will take place within an hour and a half.  It is open to all who already are or have aspirations to be competitive CrossFitters- whether it be team or individual competition.

Not interested in competing but want to join the fun?  Come be a judge for us!  We need volunteers for people to hold athletes to the highest standards just as they will in competition.

Who:  All of those who aspire to be a competitive CrossFitter

*This invitation is also extended to serious firebreathers from other affiliates who’d like to come give it a shot.  Please be an aspiring competitive CrossFitter only and please RSVP to comments or [email protected]

Where: CrossFit West Santa Cruz

When: Sunday, Feb 21st, 11:15am SHARP!

Why: To humble Golden,  see how amazing Vero actually is in real life, and kick some major butt!

Prize: Fame and Respect:)

Workouts will be a secret to ALL competitors until the morning of.  Athletes, come prepared for anything.  Come be a part of the Fire Breather Series!  Come compete, help judge, or simply cheer on the athletes who represent CrossFit West.

*If you are interested in judging please post to comments or email [email protected]


Back Squat


*add 5lbs to your last 5×5

40 Burpees for time

(you have 5 min to complete the burpees; use the remaining time to rest)


5x200m run for time (3 min to complete each; use the remaining time for rest)


100 double unders for time