Calm Before The Storm

The Thruster Ladder setup at Regionals - as the rainstorm approaches... The Calm Before the Storm in more ways than one...

We all know that feeling – you’ve warmed up, done your strength/skill work for the day, and the WOD approaches.  It’s a mix of a-million-and-one emotions – excitement, fear, anticipation, anxiety, doubt, confidence, and determination all mixed in to one.

We all have different reactions to it: Emmet goes pee, I run in to my office to grab tape (even if I don’t need it), Golino puts WAY too much chalk on his hands, Lolo shakes his head and says something like “Oh, these are my worst movements”, Kirsten says something super encouraging, Smashley rolls her eyes and says “f%$k this” under her breath, Anna puts an extra 5 lbs on each side of the bar, the Earle sisters talk crap to each other (although this is standard at just about any moment), Johnny V flips off Shawn, J-Dogg partakes in some kind of ancient Roman centurion ritual, Leah pulls down a rower and gets yelled at so she puts it back up and agrees to run, Sam Y makes a snide remark about “wondering why I’m here” (we know you love it Sam!!!), etc, etc, etc – the list goes on and on.

What do you do in those final minutes/seconds before the WOD?  What is your ritual? Is it serious? Comical? Spiritual? Sarcastic?  PLEASE SHARE!


Front Squat – 7 x 2


AMRAP 9 Minutes:
30m Prowler Push (140/90)
7 C2B Pullups
10 Dumbbell Push Jerk (55’s/25’s)