9-21-08golds-grouprevised.jpgSunday group workout veterans. More pics at bottom of post.

Have you ever tried to do the WOD on your own?

Here is an experiment. Take one of the benchmark WODs that you are familiar with and do it by yourself. Do it with no one around, no one timing you, or counting for you, or cheering you on. How did it feel? How was your time? For the vast majority of us, our time would not be a PR.

Let’s face it, it is hard to motivate by yourself to do something as intense and hard as a CrossFit workout. That is one huge benefit to training at an affiliate, or just with a partner. Having another there to count or push you or just to slap your palm as you lie on the floor, lungs struggling, helps tremendously. So does having someone there to help you with your form or keep you honest about overhead lockout.

And let’s not forget the old adage: misery loves company. Having someone to share all that suck with is great. Being able to growl at your buddy, “what sick mind came up with that one?,” after a particularly hard WOD almost makes it all worthwhile.

Fun. Training is quite simply more fun with a group. And what is this all about if its not fun. Of course, it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun, as we like to say, but CrossFit should be a joyful activity. It should be uplifting and make you feel better about yourself. And sharing it with other people makes it more so.

So, no matter how many fantasies you have about being the lone wolf samurai training on his own in a secluded forest glen, the only sound the crunch of snow under your foot, the simple truth is that you will progress faster and enjoy your training more if you do it with others.

How has training with others helped you CrossFit?


3 Rounds

400m Run

6 Split Jerks (go heavy, 85% of your 1RM)

9 Pullups (try to get your chest, or even stomach, to the bar)

15 Box Jumps

Post time and load to comments.

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