Can’t Help But Smile

Usually when someone starts CrossFit their first real goal is to do a successful unassisted pullup. Even better is the mastering of the elusive kipping pullup. For some of us it takes not only the patience to develop the basic strength prerequisites to pull yourself from below the bar to chin above the bar  but then it also takes the skill-set required  to perform the movement. Others it seems as though the movement comes much more easily and this can be very frustrating for those of  us who are still working on it. I was part of the group where the kip just did not come natural to me and it took me many frustrating hours of practice to develop it. But once you get it, it feels like something just clicks and your brain and body are finally able to have the same conversation.

Below is a video of our very own Carol Lezin learning the kipping pullup. I think this video is just awesome for so many different reasons. Not only are the coaching cues she’s getting very easy to understand and execute but you can’t help but watch Carol without a huge smile creeping up on your face. Her enthusiasm in class is always contagious. Remember last year’s Open Wod #1; AMRAP in 7 minutes of burpees. Upon completing the total and complete suffering that was this workout, she quickly looked over to the people around her and enthusiastically said, “That was fun!” Blaaaaaah!! I can think of a million other ways to describe that workout but we try to keep this blog as close to PG-13 as possible.  With that said though it’s reasons like this that you can’t help but be inspired by her, and the video below is no different.



Back Squat 5×3

Lighten the load from a normal 5×3, focus on speed and explosiveness out of the hole. Each set of three should be done quickly, without rest between each rep.


9 Power Snatch (135/83)

9 Strict Pullups

1 Resisted Band Run

6 Power Snatch

6 Strict Pullups

2 Resisted Band Runs

3 Power Snatch

3 Strict Pullup

3 Restricted Band Run