Carbohydrates and Glucose



Carbohydrates are glucose. Glucose in your bloodstream causes the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin is a storage hormone causing all excess glucose to be stored as fat.


The above three sentences are IT. The keys, the root of understanding the Paleo Diet. But don’t go overboard with this idea and cut out carbs all together. You need carbohydrates. Glucose is the gasoline for your body–it is the fuel that drives most metabolic processes. But, we really don’t need too much of it. Remember, once the liver and muscles are full of glycogen (the stored form of glucose), the excess glucose in the blood stream will be stored as fat. –Cliff Hodges “Paleo Science 101”

There are some significant changes to the Open this year. And if there is a chance you could make it to Regionals, it is especially important that you understand these new rules. Read about them here.