Casual Friday

I plan one week’s worth of programming ahead of time.  This way, I don’t have people doing max front squats all week, or so many pullups that everyone’s hands are ripped and fried.  I make sure that the CF West athletes are exposed to various modalities and movements in their training. CrossFit is thought of being random, but it really isn’t.  I try to put a lot of thought into my programming.  Most of the athletes aren’t aware of it, but I have an end goal in mind for every month and even each week.  

Sometimes, however, the best laid plans of mice and Sams just get thrown out the window.  Today’s afternoon class was just such a moment.  It was a much smaller class than usual and it just felt different.  End of the week.  Friday afternoon. Golden and his fancy new deadlifting socks.  I don’t know, but it had a certain feel to it. 

Instead of my regularly programmed class, we decided to hit one of the girls.  To do one of the benchmark WODs.  Everybody got to choose the one that they wanted to do.  I liked watching each person make their choice.  You could just see them debate the various difficulties and pain ratios of each WOD in their minds.  I had only a few rules: you couldn’t choose a girl that you did recently and you couldn’t choose your best one.

Instead of everyone starting the WOD together, we gathered around each group doing the same girl.  All the people doing Christine went together and then all the Isabel people went together, and so on. It was a load of fun and everyone learned a lot. I think I had a more fun than anyone.  Not to mention that there were some great times to emerge from the class, such as a sub 4 Isabel and a sub 9 Christine. 

While good programming is the staple in a strength and conditioning program,  letting one’s hair down occasionally and being spontaneous can yield great results.  Thanks for a great Friday everyone.

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Congratulations to Sharron for deadlifting bodyweight, Vero for deadlifting twice her bodyweight, and to Vince for a monster 2xBW+65# deadlift.  CF West places huge importance on the deadlift as the centerpiece of its raw strength program and it is really gratifying to all involved to see some big goals met.


One of the ‘girls’, the benchmark workouts of CrossFit.  Anyone you want, but it can’t be your best one or one you did recently.

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