PJ and Matt

PJ and Matt post Open Workout.

Cat B. came up to me today after the noon class. She told me that she only got 15 reps on 13.5 because she couldn’t get any chest-to-bar pullups. I was about to say something about how hard chest-to-bar pullups are and how everyone is having a difficult time with them on this workout. Cat, however, stopped me in my tracks by saying that even though she didn’t get any chest-to-bar pullups, she got her first five pullups ever. I asked her how long she has been training and she said since last October. I asked her if, last October, she ever thought she could do five pullups six months down the road. She laughed and said that six months ago she didn’t think she could do any of this, sweeping her arm to encompass the whole gym. Ya know, this CrossFit stuff is pretty cool.

Congratulations Cat.

Awesome noon class.

Awesome noon class.


Deadlift 4×3 @ 80‐85% of 1RM


Tabata Couplet:

Ball Slam / Pullup


500m Row