Cause and Effect

Matt Lutsky; CrossFit West Santa Cruz's first double body-weight squat! Congratulations Matt, that is an awesome achievement.

A cause does not become apparent until the effect is revealed.  Especially if there is no precedent.  Until the effect is apparent or unless there is a precedent, that cause is just a matter of faith.  In something as sensitive as health and fitness, that faith can be hard to come by.

As an experience trainer who has worked with ex-professional and Olympic athletes, the overweight and completely deconditioned, and just about everyone in between, the cause and the effect are not matters of faith for me, but rather dead certainty.  I know that X added to W equal Z.  I know that X and W mixed with W will change Z is such and such manner.  But to a person who has no experience with CrossFit, no ability to link the effect to the cause, it might as well be black magic.

I am talking about health and fitness, of course.  The cause is CrossFit–heavy lifting and hard metcons, and nutrition–Paleo.  The effect is fitness–strength, power, stamina, bone density, speed, and the whole litany of attributes.  Convincing someone that heavy deadlifts, cleans and squats, and interval sprints, coupled with a low carb, high fat and protein, and no sugar diet will bring about health and fitness greater than they ever imagined, well, let’s just say that its not easy.

Not too long ago in CrossFit, there was the concept of the black box.  Very simply put, the black box ignores the relationship between cause and effect and focuses on the effect.  I think that CrossFit is well past this idea.  Its all dialed in now.  There is no grey area, no fuzziness.  You want this–the effect, we can give it to you–the cause.

But you have to do the work.

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Max Rep Pullups



3 Rounds

400m Run

12 Deadlifts @bodyweight

21 Box Jumps 20″

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