CF Football Day 1

Kyle knocks off a dozen at 225# Combine style.

Kyle knocks off a dozen at 225# Combine style.

By Jocelyn

Remember that post the other night on being coachable?  Today, your CF West staff attended day 1 of the 2 day CrossFit Football Certification in Oakland (that’s right, even Cliff!)  and had the opportunity to be coached by some of CrossFit’s best coaches: John Welbourn, Raphael Ruiz, and Max Mormont.  Although originally based on Football, this specialty cert is designed to address strength and conditioning for ANY sport (with exception of swimming).  Focusing on primal athletic movements-squats, lunges, step ups, pushing, pulling- and also including the olympic lifts- CF Football aims to make you a better athlete by teaching you “how to use your body” and then applying it to sport. 

Here at CF West we have many different athletes- volleyball players, surfers, runners, rowers, mountain bikers, softball players, rock climbers, dancers- just to name a few.  Thus we are very excited to be learning lots of new and different things to bring back for everyone.  And whether you are an athlete in a sport outside of CrossFit or not, it never hurts to have the ability to jump higher, jump further, run faster, change direction better, or be stronger and more powerfull.

Plus, if Cliff can learn to run with his toes pointed forward, he might even beat me in our next 40yrd race.