CF West At The Beach

CF West trainer Selene T goes airborne for a kill. 


CF West trainer Selene T goes airborne.

There were 5 CrossFit West athletes at the CBVA Santa Cruz Open beach volleyball tourney this last weekend.  And all 5 placed in the top five.  Congratulations to Selene, Aurora, Kirsten, Vero, and Susan.

CrossFit is ideally suited for beach volleyball, as it is for so many sports and physical activities.  Beach volleyball players need, above all, explosive power.  Remember, power is strength with the added element of speed.  Power is what a causes a jump, or a strike, or a home run, or a snatch, or a double leg takedown.  Explosivity demands power and power breeds explosivity.  CrossFit, at its very core, focuses on the development of power.

How does CrossFit prepare you for your sport or activity?  Please post to Comments.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Jerk bw (bodyweight)

Clean and Jerk 3/4bw

Snatch 1/2bw

15 Double Unders after each round

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