CF West Warrior Dash Team

Great work today everyone.

The CF West tribe is gathering for the Warrior Dash adventure race on October 30th. This race promises to be a blast, and perfect for CrossFitters.  It is only 3.5 miles, not much more than a running centric WOD, and the obstacles can’t be replicated even in our 10k sq ft new box–huge hay bales and mud pits to name two.

And did I mention that every participant gets a T-shirt, a free beer (gluten free no doubt), and a Viking helmet. Now that is just plain rad.  Johnny V has promised to do it in a loincloth.  That’s the kind of spirit we need!

If you are interested, we are trying to get everyone to sign up for the same heat.  Let’s get a group together.  Enter the promo code  CROSSFITNORCAL on your registration for a $5 discount.

Post your choice of heat to Comments if you are signing up.


Hang Squat Snatch

10 singles as heavy as you can go.

Snatch Grip Halting Deadlift

7×1 @ 1.25% Hang Squat Snatch 1RM


40 Squats

40 Situps

400m Run

20 Squats

20 Situps

200m Run

10 Squats

10 Situps

100m Run