CFWSC Nutrition

CrossFit espouses a couple specific forms of nutrition.  CrossFit West Santa Cruz is no exception.  We start off with the Paleo diet. First and foremost we are a Paleo gym.  Then we tweak that depending on the needs of the individual.

Paleo is a diet concerned with quality.  What you put into yourself is more important than how much or how often or in what combination.  The Paleo diet is often called the Caveman diet.  Eat and drink nothing that Paleolithic (a caveman) man could not have eaten.  This is the starting point for us.

Looking to lose weight?  Now we couple Paleo with the Zone.  The Zone is a diet concerned with quantity, as well as quality.  The Zone is 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat every meal.  Furthermore, the Zone breaks a day’s worth of food into blocks, with each meal consisting of a pre-planned number of blocks.  Nothing leans people out like CrossFit and the Paleo/Zone diet.

Looking to gain weight?  Paleo plus dairy is the answer. After every training session drink at least a quart of milk–raw, whole, goat’s, or 2%.  Go particularly heavy on the fat (the good kind, duh) and perhaps dairy throughout the day as well.

Happy with the Zone, but unable to eat the required amount of food blocks each day?  Then we go with the athlete’s Zone.  Bump up the protein and fat blocks, but halve the carb blocks.  Some versions of the athlete’s Zone specify eating a carb heavy post workout meal.

Sometimes people have a tendency to be overly partisan.  Some CrossFit boxes are hardcore Paleo, while others are hardcore Zone.  CF West Santa Cruz is hardcore performance.  We employ both Paleo and Zone nutrition plans, as well as variations and combinations, in our ceaseless quest for human performance and fitness.

What works best for you and why?

Thoughts?  Please post to Comments.

Reminder:  Paleo Challenge 2.0 mandatory meeting Sunday at 2PM.


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