Chalk Overkill



The gym the day after Murph looked like the aftermath of a rave with free glitter. Chalk was everywhere. Ground in by sweat and footsteps. Broken chunks littered about, partially stepped on. So many lines of 4 with a fifth drawn diagonally through that one would think it was a pre-school on learning to count day. Really, is this necessary? Do the lines need to be 3-4 inches long? Won’t a little dot or mark suffice instead? There are nearly half a dozen buckets of chalk spread about the gym. Does everyone need their own chunk conveniently located right next to them so they won’t waste a few precious seconds on a 30-40 minute WOD walking to the communal chalk bucket?

CrossFit West Santa Cruz is cleaned nightly by a cadre of dedicated CrossFitters. They come in after the last class and spend their evening vacuuming and mopping. Let’s all give them some love by using chalk a little more responsibly.