Chalk Gone Crazy

Really? Is this necessary?

Ok folks, this is getting a little ridiculous. Sometimes the gym looks like the aftermath of a rave with free glitter. Chalk is everywhere. Ground in by sweat and footsteps. Broken chunks littered about, partially stepped on. So many lines of 4 with a fifth drawn diagonally through that one would think it was a pre-school on learning to count day. I totally understand needing an external way to keep track of rounds on a longer WOD or AMRAP, but the chalk marks are getting out of control. Really, do the lines need to be 3-4 inches long (or longer)? Won’t a little dot or mark suffice instead? How about calling out to the coach every second round (I know everyone can count to two) so he or she can mark it on the board?

The gym is cleaned most nights a week by a dedicated cadre of cleaners (in fact, this post is on their specific request), but they really shouldn’t have to be scrubbing away 10 inch high chalk marks. Please refrain from running amuck with the chalk and use one of the methods shown below if you just HAVE to mark the ground (or the racks).

Thanks guys.

IMG_2942 IMG_5850