Challenge Yourself!



Big man over the box.  And congratulations on the 500# deadlift today.

Big man over the box. And congratulations on the 500# deadlift today.

In my bio, I write that I believe “CrossFit instills confidence and a feeling of power which translates into increased performance; not only in one’s fitness goals, but in one’s personal life as well. CrossFit will fine tune one’s body, but also elevate one’s mind and spirit like few other experiences can.

In CrossFit we do some scary stuff.  High box jumps, 17 foot rope climbs, inverted ring hangs, overhang ladder climbs, to name some.  Not too mention dropping under a heavy O-lift.  And everyone has a different fear.  Rope climbs may be no big deal for one person, but that person may have a hard time with high box jumps.

Warning: touchy feely Santa Cruz stuff. Doing scary stuff forces growth.  Personal and spiritual growth.  That’s right, spiritual growth isn’t just for hippies anymore.  In fact, spiritual growth has been kinda mainstream for a while now.  You might say it’s the new black.  So it is ok for tough CrossFitters and big deadlifters to talk about it.

Here is the deal folks.  Overcoming fear makes one a stronger more confident person.  Overcoming fear gives you more courage to face the everyday stuff, big and little, that confronts and often plagues us.  For centuries, cultures have used physical hardship to hone the mind and spirit.  In Japanese this concept is called shugyo. CrossFit, although the term itself might be foreign, has fully embraced shugyo.

When someone starts CrossFit, I often hear the words ‘can’t’ or ‘never’.  As in ‘I could never do that’ or ‘I can’t’.  After a while, those two words are replaced with another two words, ‘not yet’.  As in ‘I can’t do that yet’.  And that is a huge difference.  Pretty soon after that, and this, in my opinion, is one of the greatest benefits of CrossFit, that ‘not yet’ is heard outside of the gym in one’s everyday life.

And that, my friends, is what spiritual growth is all about.  It is all fine and dandy to meditate in a secluded mountain glen with no distractions other than a picturesque waterfall, but life is a busy noisy distraction-filled city street corner, and real spiritual growth only counts if it translates to everyday life.

So, climb to the top of the rope, pile more bumpers on top of the jump box, load up that bar with more weight.  Challenge yourself.  The benefits are way more than muscle deep.

What scares you the most in a CrossFit setting? Please post to Comments.

And a big Happy Birthday to Danny!


Arm Blitz Superset

3×12 Barbell Curl-be sure to get plenty of back into the movement

3×12 Lying Barbell Tricep Extension (skull crushers)

3×12 (l/r)  Dumbell Curl-use a light weight and really go for the pump and be sure to look down at each bicep as you curl.

3×12 (l/r) Dumbbell Tricep Kickback-pause at the top of each rep and feel the burn. Make sure you stare at yourself in the mirror.

2×25 Behind-the-Back Wrist Curl-make sure to do the wrist curls in the squat rack and get real close to the mirror.

Finish with 50 crunches on a swiss ball.

April Fools-real workout below.

5 Rounds

1 Rope Climb

2 Muscle Ups

4 Clean and Jerk 3/4bw

8 GHD Situps

Please post WOD completed and score to Comments.