The 9am crew.

Do you remember that old television sitcom Cheers? Remember the famous theme song about how everyone knows your name at the bar? A bit before my time, but the song is pretty well known.

That song is kind of what walking into your CrossFit affiliate is like. Everyone knows your name and everyone cares about you. It is pretty comforting after a long tough day, or week, or even month. Your CrossFit gym is a place to let the rest of your life take a back seat for one hour and just concentrate on you. A place to hit it hard.

And emerge refreshed and re-energized. It all combines for a pretty cool place.

Already looking forward to the 2012 Games? Take a look at this.


Front Squat

Find new 2RM


3 ROunds

10 Power Snatches

Rest 2 minutes between each round and go as heavy as you can rep the movement.