Chest To Bar



Three CFWSC athletes getting high on the bar.

Pullups are a big deal in CrossFit. With the kipping pullup constantly evolving, pullup standards are becoming a hotly contested issue in the CrossFit community. This year’s CrossFit Games debuted a new standard of chest-to-the-bar only pullups.

At CFWSC, we encourage our athletes to get high on the bar. We do this a couple ways. First, we want to be very picky about what counts as a pullup rep. Chicken necking is considered bad form and often disqualifies a rep. Second, we throw in lots of chest-to-bar pullups in the class WODs. Third, we teach the bar muscle up before the ring muscle up. This focus on the bar muscle up emphasizes a truly high pulling pullup and really provides the explosive pull for the more technical ring muscle up. An athlete who is routinely smacking his or her sternum, solar plexus, or even stomach against the bar finds the bar and then the ring muscle up an easy transition.



As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 20 Minutes of:

5 Pullups

10 Pushups

15 Pullups

Cindy is one of the oldest CrossFit benchmark workouts. These days, it is standard to do as many rounds as possible. There is a great video on youtube of Dutch from CrossFit ATM killing it with 34 rounds. In the old days, it was more customary, once you reached the gold standard of 20 rounds, of adding reps to the exercises. For example, Amundson held the old CrossFit Santa Cruz Cindy record with 20 rounds plus 4, meaning that he did 9 pullups, 14 pushups, and 19 squats a round.

How do you do Cindy? How do you approach or strategize this seemingly easy WOD? Post along with rounds scored to Comments.