Decisions You Don’t Have To Make

Megan C

Megan C

Yesterday I was listening to an interesting show on NPR (This American Life) about superheroes and superpowers. The question was posed whether one would rather have the power of invisibility or the power of flight. You could only have one, not both.

This got me thinking about CrossFit (doesn’t take much) and how there aren’t these cut and dry, either/or, choices in it. You don’t have to chose between strength and flexibility, or speed and stamina, or agility and endurance. CrossFit gives you all it. Of course, the big criticism of this kind of training is that you don’t ever get truly good at any one thing. But, let’s be honest. If you had the potential to be truly strong or fast, for example, the odds are you would already be competing in something along those lines. Most of us, whether for another sport or activity or just for our lives, want a mixture of everything. We want it all. Strong and fast, flexible and agile. Maybe not earth shakingly so, but realistically so (although the top Games athletes are pretty damn impressive). And, as much as any secret potion, or gamma rays, or supernatural spell, CrossFit delivers.

By the way, I chose flight. No question about it.